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'Here To There'.

We're all constantly on the move, and I love the exploration.

I work in the visual field - that blurs my work/life divide.

In my professional life, I run a business - developing online learning.

I work with a fabulous team delivering projects across multiple industries, businesses and agencies.


I am a filmmaker, but my arc leans towards stills - I'm excited by the 'moment' that only still images provide.  It's there or it's gone.  (It's gone a lot...)

I also love the intensity of gritty visuals and the buzz of big cities, people...

And, I'm not a fan of the picture-postcard serene landscapes.

I gravitate towards contrasty black and white that look like like HP5 or Tri-X & ACROS 100.

A compact digital mirrorless, with just a fixed lens. Minimal.   I'm aware I can be pretty obtrusive with the camera. I thank my dad Clem, for his keen eye.

I love the works of Willy Ronis,, Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado, Diane Arbus, Weegee, Daidō Moriyama, Ralph Gibson, Gary Winogrand, Brassaï, Robert Dloisneau, Dziga Vertof, Joel Meyrowitz, Kana Hashimoto. 

Really, that hit-list is endless I'd like to be on it, & I haven't even started...  Of course I try to emulate them.

Marc Baptista

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